Welcome to Sacred Techs!

This is the beginning of 2012 and the start of a new blog: Sacred Techs. Your hosts are Robert Cargill and myself, Christian Brady and the goal of this site is to bring together posts and podcasts relevant to the study of things ancient using things very modern. Robert is not only a scholar of biblical studies and an archaeologist, he is also a digital humanist. I, on the other hand, am a scholar of ancient Hebrew and Jewish literature who simply has an addiction to electronic things. Both of us have been blogging for many years and are fairly well-known within the so-called “Biblioblogosphere.” You can find our personal blogs at the first links given.

With “Sacred Techs”1 we wanted to bring together information focused upon using technology in the real of biblical and ancient studies. It will be periodically updated, on a monthly basis at the least, with articles and interviews on various topics around this general theme. We are very hopeful that others will be willing to contribute to the site, there are many within the world of online ancient studies who are very (and more) adept in these areas, many who are creating the very technology that we will be reviewing, citing, and discussing. This is particularly true if you use something other than Apple products and MacOS, iOS, or Android software. It is not that we are prejudiced against other platforms, but the reality is that Robert and I both tend to use those products and platforms. If you are interested in contributing please drop us a line or leave a comment!

So welcome to Sacred Techs and stay tuned for what we hope will be a great year. First up on the podcast (see below or subscribe via iTunes) is an introductory discussion and then we will follow up with a few interviews from 2011 SBL. Be sure to let us know whom you would like to hear us interview and what products you would like reviewed or compared.

  1. Kudos to a prospective PSU SHC student who came up with this great name! []
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  1. Jamie says:

    I am excited about the start of this blog! I share a love for Hebrew bible and tech toys with Brady. I am a PhD student at Brandeis, studying the Bible and Ancient Near East. I look forward to discussions about how I can further use tech to enhance my studies and teaching of the Bible and ANE.

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