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This is from TUAW and a useful chart it is. As I noted earlier this week, I do use text editors on the iPad, but mostly I use QOHD (which is not on this list since it is more than a text editor). What you will see missing is any support for RTF. This is odd and frustrating for those of us who use NisusWriter on the MacOS. The latest iOS has some support and I have been told that it will be coming…eventually.

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who love to edit text files on the iPad, and those who really, really don’t. For everyone in the first group, our resident mad scientist Brett Terpstra (ably assisted by a crew of volunteers including TUAW contributor Michael Jones) has kicked off the iTextEditors reference page.

The page provides a full feature matrix for more than 30 iOS editors, with more entries on the way. Looking for an editor with printing capability, Dropbox sync and word count for $0.99? The chart’s got you covered (several times over, actually, including iA Writer). Brett plans to continue updating the page indefinitely, so if you’re a developer (or ardent and well-informed fan) of an application that’s not yet on his list, check out the page and let him know.

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  1. Brooke says:

    Thanks, Chris. Some of your readers will know this resource already, but Mac Power Users Episode 57 is all about text editors (both Mac and iOS):

    David and Katie’s podcast is worth checking out by anyone who hasn’t already. You can select a topic you like from their show list:


  2. Potige Aardappel says:

    Info is wrong for Daedalus. I have it on my iPhone and it syncs to iCloud (thus with my MacBook Air). Also works on my wife’s iPad.

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