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New blog: Academic Workflows on Mac

My grad assistant @ericleewelch¬†just sent me to this blog. Looks very useful to the likes of us. Academic Workflows on a Mac This is a blog about being a more productive academic with or without a¬†Mac. We explore how to … Continue reading

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Whither Apple?

So what does it mean that OS X no longer is “Mac OS X” and is now “inspired by the iPad”?1 If you are following all the chatter on shows like MacBreak Weekly and blogs like TUAW there are many … Continue reading

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Apple announces OS X Mountain Lion, so what?

Last week Apple announced that again this summer there will be an OS X update, this time code-named “Mountain Lion,” and again they are bringing over aspects of their extremely successful iOS platform. “Inspired by iPad. Re-imagined for Mac” is … Continue reading

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Podcast #2: Accordance Bible Software & Olive Tree Bible Software

In this podcast we have a pair of interviews from SBL 2011. I met with the good folks at Accordance Bible Software and Olive Tree Bible Software, the two premier software applications for reading and annotating biblical and ancient texts … Continue reading

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